Tips on How To Use Google Classroom Efficiently

planGoogle Classroom is a must-have tool for every teacher. It enables teachers to effectively and efficiently manage students. It streamlines the process of student-teacher collaboration. The guys at Google did extraordinary work in developing this amazing tool that saves teachers’ time.

Without a solid understanding of this Google Classroom app, the whole process can be tedious. Only if you understand this amazing tool works and how to utilized it to your benefits.

Here are few tips that will help teachers use Google Classroom more efficiently in running their day to day class work.

Quick tips on Google Classroom that will make a difference

Utilize move top to bring significant older material

This simple step bumps an announcement, assignment or question to the attention of the class. It is an amazing tip that you can employ if students have not turned in their assignment of if you want to remind students of an upcoming deadline.

Utilize announcement to inform students

Announcements inform students without necessarily having to create an assignment. Use the announcements to give learners important documents/files, videos and links they will need right now.

Reuse posts

reuse postsUsing Google Classroom let you reuse posts. You don’t have to recreate announcements, assignments or questions that are similar to those already existing. Just click the “+” button in the bottom right and select “Reuse post”. Select an announcement, assignment or question you’ve previously posted. You can edit and update it before reposting it to the classroom stream.

Easy to utilize keyboard

Utilizing keyboard commands is more effective than moving and clicking the mouse every time. For instance, when entering grades, type the grade for a particular student, then push down key to get to the next student on the list.
Google Classroom app is one single most tool developed make the work easier for both teachers and students alike. In the “Students” tab, teachers can email everyone in class. Another awesome feature is that with this app, you can leave several kinds of comments to students such as class comments for the whole class and the private comments that you can send to an individual student.

Students can also stay organized with this tool. For instance, everything relevant is in one place. They can also start a conversation privately with their teacher or ask a question to the whole class. Everything updates in real-time. This is surely one of the best collaborative tool for teachers and students that is free.