Do Away With Distractions With Flipd


A lot of students find it difficult to switch off their phones. You can put the phone down and ignore the little blinking light. You may be addicted to your smart device. Fortunately, here is an app, Flipd to keep students concentrated in the classroom. It does away with distractions and helps you reduce the amount of time you spend on emails, chats, SNS, or talking on the phone. Thus, it allows you to focus on important things by locking yourself out of it.


After downloading and installing this aptechnologyp to your smart device, you will need to sign in. In fact, you can sign in with your Facebook or Google account. After getting in, you will be offered a brief an intro on what the app is all about. Moreover, you will learn why it is an important technology you need.

First, you can decide to “flip off,” set your auto-response, and edit the message. The good thing about this app is that you are free to choose the duration you want to flip off. In fact, you can lock it for 12 hours, and you will not use the phone until time runs out. It is still possible to make emergency calls to certain numbers. If something urgent comes during the ‘flip off’ period, there is a one minute cool off so that you handle the problem.

Auto-response message

The message is sent to every person that tries to call or message you. In fact, you have got several options when it comes to customizing this message. You are free to edit it the way you want. Auto-responses are not new, nor is locking your phone away. However, combining these two is something great. Also, this app allows you to create a group and invite your friends. Your group has an expiration time. If you are the admin, you can flip off group members until the set time frame ends.

Flipd is an amazing smartphone app that is available for iOS and Ansmartphone appdroid devices. The main idea here is to switch off your device for a set duration. This means you will not be tempted to use the device before time elapses. The cool off time allows you to attend/make calls. This is necessary to avoid missing important calls. All callers that call you during flip off period receive an auto-response from your app. This app is quite responsive and stable.